Italy has a pretty good track record of producing some amazing designers – Ferrari, Armani, Versace – that are known worldwide.  A bit of that culture has apparently rubbed off on Roberto Martari.  Roberto has designed the premier line of N scale etched brass sides which are available through his company, M&R Models. 

For those that haven’t seen these before, M&R etched sides are a bit different from your standard etched brass sides from other manufacturers.  First, they are etched from “Alpaca” which is a form of nickle silver.  It is more sturdy than brass, takes paint easier than stainless steel, and its silver color allows the modeler to scrap the paint from the window frames after painting to get that Kato-esque silver window frame without sloppy painting.  Here’s an example of a 1959 Budd Built Northern Pacific Dining Car assembled using M&R etched sides on a ConCor Budd roof and ends:

M&R etched sides have loads of raised detail like those window frames, rivets that stand proud of the surface, and belt rails and other car side details per prototype. 

The new sides released this month include:
ATSF Heavyweight RPO (57-79 Series)
ATSF Heavyweight Coach (3000-3009 Series)
ATSF Heavyweight Chair Smoker (1030-1037 Series)
ATSF Heavyweight Partitioned Coach (799-808 Series)
SP Baggage Dormitory Class 79-BD(ex-Hospital Car, used on SP/RI Golden State)

For a full listing of M&R Models sides and detail parts, please visit:

All sides can be ordered direct by contacting Roberto at

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