This past Monday’s Photo of the Week has been receiving enormous praise.  Everyone recognizes the artistic talent that went into the scene and agrees that Mike Danneman has nailed the look of snow in the Rocky Mountains. And the falling snow is an extra nice touch that isn’t usually included.  Here’s the Behind-The-Scenes look at Mike’s photo shoot:

The falling snow isn’t a photoshop trick in this case.  Mike splattered a piece of glass with white paint to create the falling snow.  Lighting is important and you can see that one flood was aimed at the ceiling to light the scene in the proper overcast glow while another was aimed up at the speckled glass to highlight the falling snow.  Seems simple enough, but the overall effect in the final photo is simply outstanding. 

For more on Mike Danneman’s techniques for modeling snow, check out Issue #039 of N Scale Railroading.  There Mike documents his techniques for modeling snow. 

And if all that isn’t enough, don’t forget that Model:160 also has a slideshow of Mike’s work HERE. (Yeah, we’re fanboys, but we’re OK with that!)