Micro-Trains has announced their new releases for March 2012. 

N scale models include:

Heavyweight Observation, B&O
Heavyweight RPO, B&O
40’Wood Reefer, Morrell
50′ PD Box, Southern
60′ Centerbeam, CSX
50′ PD Box, UP (Automated Railway)
40′ PD Box, Gerald Ford (Presidents Series)
39′ Tank Car, SP (Reprint, 2 numbers)
50′ PD Box, CN (Reprint)
50′ Tank Car, DODX (Runner Pack 4 Numbers)

Full Micro-News PDF can be viewed HERE (3.1MB).

Unfortunately it looks like the B&O fans must maintain the candle-light vigil for the B&O Paired Window Coach models.  But, B&O is making an appearance on the RPO and Observation this month so it looks like MTL has the ability to mask and print the blue and gray scheme.  Maybe next month the coach will be available!