This week we photographed an Atlas GP38-2 for the Model:160 Gallery as we continue our project to document available N Scale models. 


As an upgrade to the GP38, EMD introduced the four-axle, non-turbo charged GP38-2 in January of 1972.  Electrical upgrades and an EMD 645E 16 cylinder engine combined to produce 2000 horsepower.  You can spot a GP38-2 by the sight glass present in the long hood (engineer’s side) and the battery box covers which are bolted instead of hinged as on the earlier GP38 models.

2,215 GP38-2’s were delivered by the time production ceased in 1986. 

N Scale Models

Atlas first released their N scale GP38-2 in September of 2006 with three additional runs having followed to date.  Atlas shared Union Pacific #510, the unit pictured here, which is part number 47690 from their latest run.  The model features a modern UP scheme with yellow safety sill striping and lots of finely printed warning labels.  We were especially impressed by the presence of a label on the front of the cab door.  The now standard split frame mechanism resides under the plastic body shell, and is set to accept a drop-in, lightboard style DCC decoder.

Other Schemes

The Wikipedia article linked below has a good overview of the railroads which owned GP38-2’s.  We’ve also provided a link to search GP38-2 photos on which are 10,000+ in number.  With 2,215 engines built, there are a ton of colorful schemes these wore over the years. 

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More Information

As always, if you have more information to share about this particular engine, or want to share your detailed N scale model, please let us knows so we can keep this resource up-to-date.